Shin Yamane

Film maker / Video artist / Photographer

Born in 1985, lives in Kanagawa prefecture. His main media is film/video, and his works based on indigenous phenomenons and interests in the body and memory. A recent film/video works, the documentary "One day at the printing studio in Tara Books, South India" (2018), which shows the studio of the publisher Tara Books, and "Hide and Trick the Wind"(2020), which was inspired by the stay exchange with Taiwanese shamans, and "Kasuganomori picture scroll" (2020) that scoops up the primitive religious time that is layered on the forest of Nara Kasuga. In addition, there is  "A day in February in the Light - Kuroda Taizo" (2021 | Published by Morioka Shoten) as a photographic work.